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The 3 Steps to Creating an Asthma Free Bedroom

Breathing difficulties? Asthma sufferer? It may be worth paying special attention to what goes on in your bedroom this allergy-season…

If you suffer from asthma, then you do your very best to limit your exposure to dust, air pollution, and extreme temperatures. But the amount of allergens that exist -and flourish- in the bedroom is often understated.

To avoid night-time discomfort and worsening of symptoms, it is important to combat all types of triggers where it matters most, and make sure your bedroom is as asthma-friendly as possible.

We have discovered these three steps which can help you create the perfect bedroom environment.

1. Fight Dust Mites

These microscopic skin-eating creatures are present wherever humans live and make up a large portion of house dust. They nest in the fabrics and textiles that we tend to fill our bedrooms with- so be sure to target mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, and curtains when cleaning to combat dust mites.

Allergic reactions and asthma attacks are often triggered by the droppings that these mites produce.

Here is what you can do to fight them:

  • Wash all bedding and blankets on a regular basis in hot water (at least 50 °C)
  • Use a HEPA certified Vacuum to clean carpets, mattresses, and furniture. HEPA filters are able to trap fine particles such as dust mite faeces, which are a common asthma trigger
  • Stop making your bed in the morning! Good news – instead of trapping all the moisture your body produced throughout the night underneath a tidy duvet, let your bed breathe. This allows for good air circulation and exposes your bed to light which makes it difficult for dust mites to survive
  • Favour hard flooring over carpets, which are a paradise for dust mites. Replacing these with hard flooring will get rid of their optimal breeding ground

Remember: no matter how clean you keep your home, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of dust mites. Therefore, we recommend you establish a room environment which makes it difficult for dust mites to survive…

2. Control Temperature and Humidity

Dust mites thrive in warm, humid conditions. Believe it or not, your toasty bedroom could be the perfect living space for them to hide and reproduce. Luckily, you can kill dust mites naturally by simply exposing them to certain conditions:

  • Keep room humidity under 50%
  • Use an Air Conditioner – not only will this keep the temperature cool, but it will also filter the air that flows through your bedroom
  • Open windows – this will lower humidity levels and allow for air to flow through the room and improve ventilation

3. Purify your Air

Actively cleansing the air in your living space may help neutralise all types of allergens that float around.

  • Improve your air quality with a HEPA certified Air Purifier. HEPA filters trap unwanted particles and remove them from your air while you sleep
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke inside your house
  • Fill your room with plants to make the air in your room cleaner and increase oxygen levels. However, make sure not to over water them and to clean up dead leaves to prevent mould

Overall, remember that these steps are designed to make the air you breathe cleaner and limit your contact with unwanted allergens. They’ll help alleviate your symptoms and prevent nighttime disturbances. If you are an asthma sufferer, make sure you speak to your doctor about appropriate medication.



Remember that these steps are designed to make the air you breathe cleaner and healthier by reducing your contact with potential harmful allergens. They’ll help alleviate your symptoms and improve the quality of your sleep.

Important: If you are an asthma sufferer, make sure you speak to your doctor about appropriate medication

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